Garmin Nuvi GPS 4.3″ screen , Refurbished $79.98 + Free Shipping

by Mary on August 6, 2012

Garmin Nuvi  GPS 4.3″ screen , Refurbished $79.98 + Free Shipping

This is my GPS and I love it!  My husband no longer has to pretend he knows where he’s going.  This is the fourth GPS  I have purchased and it is by far the best.  Accurate and responsive, I have no fears about missing turns or inaccurate locations.  I love the points of interests feature easy to find a nearby food place or gas station or airport.  If you happen to miss a turn,  the GPS then quickly recalculates and keeps you going.  I just updated the maps with it’s lifetime map feature just before my most recent trip (half way across the country)  and the GPS was great!  This GPS also warns about traffic issues along the way, calculates the delay and offers re-routing.  In addition, hands-free calling makes driving safer!  Love this GPS!

 Garmin Nuvi GPS 4.3″ screen , Refurbished $79.98 + Free Shipping


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