CVS: A Great Place For Back To School & College Dorm Living!

by Mary on August 14, 2012

CVS is a Great Place For Back To School & College Dorm Living!

My oldest daughter is starting college this fall! I just cannot believe how fast time goes by, it seems like JUST  yesterday I was bringing her home from the hospital.

We are both having fun shopping for all the things we need, opening bank accounts in her name, and learning all about “CVS SAVINGS“.  Since she will have a CVS store with-in minutes from her dorm, I thought it would be neat to get her going on a CVS ExtraCare Card as well as a CVS’ GreenBag Tag with some reusable bags!  I explained to her that if she were to scan her GreenBag Tag every time she shopped with a reusable bag, she would get $1 on her fourth trip!!

She was very excited about the prospect of  “FREE MONEY” she could earn while away at college,  since she is going to have to live on what “SHE MAKES/SAVES” for spending while down there. *laughing.  My daughter was also glad to see that when she walks into CVS, she can scan her card to get some FUN COUPONS on products she may need including snacks!!! *laughing

So my daughter and I took a stroll through CVS to pick up a few things, and to give her an idea of the kinds of things she could get while away at college.

I was very impressed with the variety of products we could get from CVS for Back To School/Dorm Living!! From snacks, to school supplies, to rechargeable batteries, to index cards, CVS has it at their every day low price!

We scanned my daughter’s ExtraCare Card and received a $3 off $15 Caliber Products!!! A $3 SAVINGS! – She was instantly in love with her card, since she is paying for her school supplies out of her own money!!! $3 is a HUGE SAVINGS to a college student paying her way! – *laughing!!

We grabbed a few packs of the Caliber Roller Gel Pens, since my daughter just loves those! Of course they have all the standard school supplies every student needs such as index cards, filler paper, binders, Notebooks and more.  I was glad to see CVS had their notebooks in several colors allowing her to color  coordinate her subjects. They had exactly 6 colors, for her six subjects!!    I was very impressed with CVS’ large selection of Back To School Supplies, as well as great sales and every day low prices.  Be sure to check out CVS for your Back To School needs as well!

As we were looking at a few Caliber Products to save an additional $3/$15, we also spied out that CVS had some really nice Dry Erase Boards/Calendars in many styles and sizes!  My daughter grabbed one as she plans to write her suite mates some pretty FUN MESSAGES!… *laughing… and of course try to keep herself organized! We will see if that works!

Since Mom will not be at college to stock the fridge and the cupboards, we also took a look at the type of “Healthy Snacks” she could score at  CVS for a FANTASTIC PRICE!!

CVS has their brand of some great affordable snacks, and many times there will be a CVS Coupon that prints at the price scanner when you scan your CVS ExtraCare Card – making a meager budget of dorm living a little more tolerable!

We picked up some CVS Gold Emblem Almonds, Roasted & Salted Pistachios, and mints/gum for those late nights of studying!!

CVS also has 100% Juices, Milk, bread, crackers, peanut butter, jelly, tea and many more great essentials making mom a little more at ease!  When we visited the college back in March, I was so glad when I saw how close a CVS was to her dorm.  I knew my daughter would be in good hands with every thing she needed at her finger tips!

My daughter is actually looking forward to her new adventure at this stage in her life, and I am glad that she knows how to shop at CVS!


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