Today’s buzz……It’s Beautiful in Rhode Island!!

by Mary on April 14, 2012

Today’s buzz…….. it’s Beautiful in Rhode Island !!

I’m Michelle, the best Kindergarten friend that Debbie has :)  We’ve known each other our whole lives and so it’s no surprise the value of the deals that she will post for you all…this has been a way of life for as long as I’ve known her.  There were times that I’d spend the night and shop right in her little closet of toiletries if I had forgotten my own at home {huge smile} Deb has a great heart !

I’ve been having my own fun lately working on a website called   It’s been a hobby and pastime for me to post the wonderful things happening here around our state, and many times these are very “frugal” ways to spend your days.  Things such as beach going, picnics at great parks, tennis games with groups of friends, adventures with your kids;  just about anything you enjoy doing, you can do right here in Rhode Island.  Now, if you aren’t from Rhode Island, you may want to plan a visit someday, and so my site is also a collection of useful information for traveling quests to refer.

Anyway, I’d like to share a story that I know fits in well with Deb’s theme:

Walking Newport’s Cliff Walk and stopping for a picnic lunch.

Easton's Beach, Newport

Newport seashore

As many of you know, the Cliff Walk in Newport is an amazing walking trail that goes along the cliffs of the ocean and takes you on a dreamy walk back in time as you are able to view the backsides of amazing Mansions and Castles that make up Bellevue Avenue and neighboring streets.  If you were to take a car ride along Newport’s Bellevue Avenue, you’d get a glance at the glamerous housing  to some pretty lucky people, but if you’re looking for that backyard view, the one that can tell a story of how these fortunate people are entertaining and enjoying their ocean views, the Cliff Walk is that path!

Newport Cliff Walk

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So, again, because this Cliff Walk is located on the cliffs of the ocean, it sometimes is winding and crooked, so use caution when passing.  Sneakers or comfortable walking shoes is highly suggested, and a backpack filled with your picnic lunch and blanket is just about all you will need.  Now, you can park at Easton’s Beach which is a town- owned beach in Newport on Memorial Boulevard. (If you are lucky, you can grab on-street parking Click here for directions to Easton’s Beach.  Head on up the hill to the sign and you will start your tour of the Cliff Walk.  Did you know that just across the water facing the Cliff Walk are many residential streets?  As you are beginning your walk, I want you to take notice and ask yourself one great question:  Would you rather live on Bellevue Avenue or one of those streets?  A question I’ve asked myself many times…not sure where the view is best :)

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Okay, so now you’re hungry and wanting to stop for your lunch.  Oh, and did I remember to tell you that as far as you walk in amazement along this Cliff Walk, you’ll have as far a walk back to your car?  A word to the wise:  If you are taking this adventure with small ones in tow, stop for your lunch when you’re tired, have some food and a little rest, then you can make your way back to the beach!

I really hope this FRUGAL adventure sounds exciting to you!   For more great ideas like having tennis and picnics worked into your day, please visit my website at:

Enjoy,  Michelle

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