DIY for Frugal Living – Monogram Wreath

by Mary on March 30, 2012

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I decided to make my own version of this wreath using inspiration from a “Repin” I made from Pinterest.  I had been looking for a wreath that I could keep up all year around because I am not a person who likes decorating for every season.  I loved this idea because you can choose your own color scheme and change the letter for your liking!



    • Wreath base
    • Silk flowers and leaves of your liking
    • Wooden letter(s)
    • Hot glue gun
    • Wreath hanger

Step 1:

Start planning out your wreath, removing the flowers from the stems and placing the letter and flowers where they can lay flat against the base.


Step 2:

Glue down both sides of the letter so that it is fully secured.  Then, glue down the flowers so that all petals sit how you like.*

Step 3:

Place the wreath on the hanger before hanging.  Make sure to find a place on the wreath that is centered and holds the weight of the wreath.


* I made this wreath about 2 weeks ago and my letter has since fallen off so I can’t stress enough to make sure you secure it as best you can.  In hindsight, I would have tried to secure it in as many places as it touched my wreath base.




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