Pinecone Squirrel Craft Simple and Easy

by Mary on September 27, 2011

Make This Easy Squirrel Craft ~ Great for Thanksgiving Table Accents!

I love Fall, and I am trying to find as many fun fall things to do to post for all of you!! So I looked up some easy, frugal, fall crafts and look what I found..this is adorable!!

Go here for the simple step-by-step by directions. Simply click the arrow button to move to the next step!

Let me know how you like this!! I will be posting more simple crafts like this as well!

Click on the steps below to see how to make this fun easy squirrel!

1. Making An Easy Squirrel.

2. Gathering the supplies.

3.  Making the Squirrel’s Head.

4. Making the Face.

5. Making the ears.

6. Making the Tail.

7. Attaching The Squirrel’s Tail!

8. Making the Feet!

9. Making the arms.

10.  Finishing!







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Tammy September 28, 2011 at 8:40 am 1

It is very sad to offer projects such as this to adults. We are not in the 2nd grade.

Deborah September 28, 2011 at 10:54 pm 2

It is a project for you to do with your children and if you are a teacher.

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